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Terms of Service

When buying and participating in use of any of our products, you agree to our latest Terms Of Service, We may modify these terms at any time after we announced it in one of our socials.


  • Only confirmed customers and server developers are going to get support for our products.
  • We take the responbility to help you fix the issues such as glitches/bugs in the product.
  • You can get support on our discord.

Money returns/refunds

  • If you are using a modified version, an outdated version or a incomplete version of a supported framework or a custom version of said framework, money cannot not be returned
  • If you are missing a function that has not been shown in main trailer, money cannot not be returned.
  • If you are using an unsupported framework, money cannot be returned we will try to assist you to get it to work but there is no guarantee.
  • If the product is not working because of your own modifications to the base code, money cannot be returned.

Redistribution (leaking) and reselling

  • Any reselling, redistributing or leaking of our products results in your account begin blocked on our Tebex store and access to all of our products being revoked without money return!
  • Servers using our leaked products are going to get reported to FiveM.

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