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Β· One min read

How to add new item​


To add new items to qbcore, follow these steps:

  1. Open qb-core/shared/items.lua (MAKE BACKUP BEFORE EDITING!)
  2. Add the correct line of code of a similar item (copy & paste similar line of code) and edit the item details such as weight, description and so on… then save changes.
  3. Drag & Drop the filename.png into qb-inventory/html/images folder.
["ring1"] = {
["name"] = "ring1",
["label"] = "A ring?",
["weight"] = 1000,
["type"] = "item",
["image"] = "ring1.png",
["unique"] = true,
["useable"] = true,
["shouldClose"] = true,
["combinable"] = nil,
["description"] = "The One Ring appeared perfectly plain and featureless, but when heated, the inscription appeared in fiery letters on the Ring."


  1. Open ox_inventory/data/items.lua and add the item name, label, weight and other options. Save the changes.
  2. Drag & Drop the filename.png into ox_inventory/html/img/items folder.
['pizza'] = {
label = 'Pizza',
weight = 500,
stack = true,
close = true,

Β· 3 min read

If Statement​

Programming conditions are used to perform different actions based on different situations. For example, you can use an if statement to execute some code only if a certain condition is true πŸ‘, or an else statement to execute some code if the condition is false πŸ‘Ž. You can also use an else if statement to test multiple conditions and choose the appropriate action for each one πŸ€”.

Β· 6 min read

New Release: A Free Script​

I have a new release for you: a free script that I made for my Air Defense script. I wanted to have an emergency alarm system that would go off when an enemy or unknown vehicle entered the radar zone.
I was about to release this update when I noticed something: the sound was not stereo and it did not vary depending on how close you were to the radar. I thought that was not good enough, so I decided to fix it.

I searched for sound scripts and 3d spatial scripts and I found xsound and some other paid ones, but as usual, I wanted to do it myself.
That's how I began, by looking at those free resources to see how they did it. To my surprise, they all used the "Howler.js" spatial plugin, so I took that and started testing it.

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Terms of Service​

These terms of service ("Terms") govern your access to and use of our products ("Products"). By purchasing or using any of our Products, you agree to be bound by these Terms. We may update or change these Terms at any time by posting the revised version on our website or social media platforms.

Your continued use of our Products after such notice constitutes your acceptance of the updated or changed Terms.


We provide support for our Products to our confirmed customers and server developers.
You can contact us on our discord for any issues or questions related to our Products.
We will try to help you fix any glitches or bugs in our Products as soon as possible.


We do not offer refunds for our Products unless there is a valid reason. The following are some examples of situations where we do not offer refunds:

  • You are using a modified, outdated, incomplete, or custom version of a supported framework that is incompatible with our Products.
  • You are missing a function that was not shown or advertised in our main trailer or product description.
  • You are using an unsupported framework that is incompatible with our Products. We may try to assist you to get it to work, but we do not guarantee any results.
  • You have modified the base code of our Products and caused them to malfunction.

Redistribution and Reselling​

You are not allowed to resell, redistribute, or leak any of our Products without our written permission. If you violate this rule, we will block your account on our Tebex store and revoke your access to all of our Products without refunding your money. We will also report any servers that are using our leaked Products to FiveM.


Before you purchase any of our Products, please make sure to read and agree to the terms and conditions on

These terms and conditions are part of these Terms and apply to your purchase and use of our Products.